Top 10 Web Developer Interview Questions You Should Know

Dec 30, 2021
Top 10 Web Developer Interview Questions You Should Know

    1. Which programming languages are used for what?

  • There are hundreds of programming languages in use today. I'll mention some of them to jot down the list .
    Java — mainly web, mobile, desktop.
    Python — mainly data science, machine learning, Internet of Things, numerical and financial computing.
    JavaScript — mainly for front-end web development.
    C++ — mainly for high-performance computing such as video games, graphics, numerical computing; its little brother, C, is used for systems programming (operating systems device drivers, embedded).
    C#— mainly for Windows (.NET) programming.
    Ruby — mainly for server-side web development (Rails).
    Perl — mainly for scripting, server-side web development.
    PHP — mainly for server-side web development.
    Groovy — mainly for server-side web development (Grails)

    2. Which Programming Languages You Know?

  • I know C , JAva , Python , Html , Css.
    And Now a days learning Javascript.
    I tried to catch the basic concepts of all the above mentioned and also.
    I am still used to practise programming with them .
    As My Favourite one is Java till now !!

    3. What is the best way to build your own website?

    There are some key steps for getting started. If we want to build a new startup website or improve the effectiveness, then we need to consider certain points like-

  • 1. Purchasing a suitable domain name.
  • 2. Purchasing safe, scalable website hosting with excellent technical support.
  • 3. Displaying a clear description of your company prominently.
  • 4. Using the best content management system available.
  • 5. Selecting a reliable e-commerce platform.

4. Which are the Projects You Have Worked Before?

I have been working on my own blog. I have my own portfolio website where I usually post content related to fitness and wellness because I love that niche. Apart from that, I like working on projects which I like, For instance I like playing board games. So a project I might work on to get experience in a new language might be “Make a database of my games, with a way to track times I play and the results”.

5. Are You a Fullstack or Frontent or Backend Developer?

I am a Full stack developer. The reason is so that I have knowledge of a full-stack developer and also about front end development and back end development as well. I know about languages used in front end and back end development. Also, you have little experience in both kinds of development.

6. Which Programming Language You Use As Backend Like Python(Django), PHP, Java or Javascript?

I use PHP because majority of websites around 80% are using Php for server scripting. The main advantage of Php is east coding and is easy to implement. Most important advantage of PHP is that it’s open source and free from cost. It can be downloaded at anywhere and readily available to use for event of web applications.

7. Do You Use Framework Like React and Angular For Frontend?

Well it depends nobody says you have to use a framework like the above mentioned but trust me it makes things a whole lot better and easier. My framework of choice is Vue.js because it does all the tedious things for me and it does it really well. It's extremely simple and lightweight. Think about it like this, let's take YouTube for example. YouTube is a great example of why you need a framework because it is a farely complicated web application to build and maintain. Imagine you have a team of developers and every developer gets the opportunity to build each part of YouTube in their own way, now imagine someone else looks at the other code that that other developer wrote. He/she probably won't know what's happening but if you use a framework it provides you with a standardized structure for the team to follow.

8. What is the best CSS framework, Tailwind CSS or Bootstrap?

It doesn’t depend upon your choice; it does depend upon the criteria of your project. If your project requires multiple JavaScript based applications(Like a modal, and everything like that), you may decide to choose the Bootstrap as it is a utility and JS based frontend framework.

Bootstrap is a framework geared towards marketers, back-end programmers, and basically anybody without a background in front-end design. It gives you a head-start with basic styles, but it’s very opinionated.

Tailwind is a framework geared towards front-end designers who want to rapidly create prototypes for sites or applications, and know the CSS properties needed to do it. It has no opinions, but you have to define literally every property you want your site to use.

9. How did you get projects as a web developer?

These days it's really hard to get projects because competition is too much. We can get clients on fiver, freelancer, own blog, odesk. Set your price at a fair and reasonable level and always deliver competent work on time. There will always be someone, somewhere who will work cheaper than you. Ignore then, and give your clients quality content.

10. Which backend language should I learn in 2021, Django or Node?

If you have already any knowledge of Python you like to start with Django first. And while learning Django you will hear or discover others Python web development frameworks such as Flask & Bottle. I would invite you to explore as well their respective packages which facilitate the making of Restful API backend. If you have JavaScript skills rather than Python or you are more comfortable right now in JS than Python — then you would start with NodeJS before adding Django.